Wind Power Asia 2009


During July 8th-10th, 2009, Guangzhou ENGGA Generators Co., Ltd. participated in the 6th Asian Wind Energy Exhibition & Conference (Wind Power Asia 2009) in Beijing China International Exhibition Center and displayed 1.62MW and 2MW double-fed wind driven generator and 2.4MW full power synchronization test center. In the exhibition, our company made technical communication and business exchange with the major fan assembly enterprises at home and abroad. Currently our company realizes batch production of 850KW, 1.5MW and 2MW double-fed wind driven generators, and completed the scheme design of 1.5MW and 3MW water cooling double-fed wind driven generators and 1.5MW direct driven electromagnetic generators.

Technology-based, Innovation-driven”, our company makes constant progress in wind power industry. Our company will develop into a leading enterprise in new energy filed.