2012 Celebration Party of Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day, Guangzhou ENGGA Generators Co., Ltd


Years of wishes of reunion, Days of affection increasing. In the coming of Mid-Autumn festival & National Day, ENGGA held the 2012 Celebration Party of Mid-Autumn festival & National Day, inviting ENGGA team to this party for communicating of friendship, discussing of development and sharing of happiness, and celebrating the 63 anniversary of China and the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival.

All of the ENGGA team concentrated the intelligence in development and diligence in surpassing, which promote strongly the development of ENGGA. In the eve of beautiful Mid-Autumn Festival, ENGGA present this wonderful arts show to all the members of ENGGA!

The purpose of this party is to celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival and creating the warm family atmosphere, which gets full supports from management of ENGGA and the active involvement of ENGGA people. The chairman of ENGGA Mr. Deng has shown the best wishes to ENGGA people and introduced the ENGGA forecast to us, which greatly encouraged all the ENGGA people. The excellent show has presented the unity and the passion of the ENGGA team.